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Here’s Why Finisher Medals Are Important To Runners in 2022

What are finisher medals to runners? Why run long kilometers just to get the finisher medal? Why it means so much to them? We believes these are the thoughts that run through your mind when you see a running event. But to runners, it’s a different perspective.

Runners train and run because they want to achieve their running goals.

The adrenaline rush of excitement and joy when the finisher medal falls in their hands could be one of the best moments in their running journey.

What is a finisher medal?

Finisher medals are a medal that is distributed to participants who completed a race. To create a unique and distinctive look, it’s made from a variety of metal alloys plating such as silver plate, brass plate, copper plate, gold plate, black nickel. The plating can be a bright finish or coated to achieve an antique finish.

What is the meaning of finisher medals?

Finisher medals are the most rewarding part once you cross the finish line with your race or marathon event.

After the gruesome training for months or years, you’ll get a sense of achievement when the finisher medals are in your hand. It served as a memento of the huge accomplishment in one of the runner’s journey.

Why finisher medal matters?

Imagine you put in hard work, dedication, and sweat and tears in your training for a long period of time, but there is nothing issued to you to serve as a recognition of your effort, how would you feel?

It’s more than just a medal, but the story behind it.

That is why some runners train hard in pursuit their own expectation in their running goals. Because, they know it will be worth it at the end of the day. For fun run participants, the finisher medal is also a collectible item.

Their journey is also a memorable one as runners enjoy the whole process even though it is tough for them. But, this would make them even stronger. After the race or marathon, runners also do gain valuable experiences and shared it with their fellow running buddies.

Of course, they also get to look at the beautiful finisher medals that they had collected. It is a symbol of mental fortitude and the personal growth achieved as a result of taking part in the race.

The design of the finisher medals

Race organiser like Spacebib is innovating and injecting their creativity onto their finisher medal designs, and come up with a medal that runners cannot resist it. They want the finisher medals to be a unique piece so that it could be attractive and leave a lasting memories to all runners.

So, every design of the finisher medals have their own meaning or theme. Runners then can collect all the finisher medals and create their own personal medal collection that suited to their taste.

Beautiful and meaningful finisher medals

These are a few examples of some beautiful and meaningful finisher medals created by Spacebib and from other events.

Elements of The Runners Online Race Series Finisher Medals
Total Defence Online Race 2020
Mount Everest Online Race Finisher Medals
The Adorable Alpaca Online Race 2020 Finisher Medals
Abbott World Marathon Majors Six Star Finisher’s Medal.
2019 Disneyland Paris Run Weekend

So after knowing why, are you up for a marathon or race to challenge yourself? Now go earn one of those cool finisher medals!

Do you get medals for 5k?

Most running events or virtual runs award the participant a finisher medal for each distance category. The race category distance might be engraved onto the medal so a participant will know which category he/she had joined.

How do you hang medals at home?

The most popular way to hang your medals is from a display shelf with hanging hooks on the wall or display your medal on a medal stand. The display shelf can be made of metal or wood. Some medals come with an inbuilt medal stand where you can display the medals directly.

Do you get a medal for finishing a marathon?

Yes, if you finished in a marathon race, you will receive a finisher medal. Each medal comes with a distinct ribbon for the participant to wear on their neck. The medal may vary in sizes, design or colors based on the distance of the race.

What do you do with race medals?

You can turn your medals into a refrigerator magnet by attaching a craft magnet to the back of the medal itself. There are runners who turned their medals into house decorations or even Christmas tree ornaments.

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